English Workshop

Project: English Language Countries
The project has the good of studying some countries where English is the main language spoken. The activities will be done through videos, photos, writing and listening exercises, computer search, etc.
It´s divided in 3 parts/countries – England, USA and Australia.
Each one should be studied by all ages in different activities for about 3 months.
At the end of each activity the students should have a practical class and artwork display to the others project children, to let them know what they´ve studied and learned.
Video, photos, pictures, grammar, exercises, cuisine classes computer search for the information to be studied.
Final avalluation:
At the end of each part the students are going to have a chance to teach others students about the most interesting things they have learned such as typical food sightseeing and others. It may be a special class at the end of the project.
Projeto elaborado por Rita de Cássia – Professora de Inglês

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